Spanish lessons for children and adults

where leisure meets learning

The facilities at la Curia don’t simply only harmoniously blend the traditional and contemporary, but also, through there partnership with the language academy School of English, also provides a fusion between leisure and learning: a vacation stay paired with English courses for non-native speakers, both children and adults.

We offer a Spanish linguistic immersion which will stimulate, motivate, and educate students on the language necessary for success in work and recreational environments. As well as spending time in class with dynamic learning, you may enjoy time in la Curia, enjoying leisure time, cultural activities, and sport.

Classes are 20 hours a week and are taught by native, highly qualified, experienced teachers during the mornings, allowing leisure time in the afternoons to enjoy the many seasonal activities available.

The harmonious blend of traditional and modern at la Curia is not limited to its architectural features, but also to the learning experience it provides for non-native Spanish speakers, both children and adults. La Curia provides the perfect blend between effective language instruction and leisure time through its local partnerships, especially with the language academy School of English.

Over the course of a week you will spend 20 hours with native teachers, trained in teaching Spanish as a second language. The dynamic immersion environment will provide you with a stronger Spanish foundation weather you are using it for school, work, or a social settings. Classes blend traditional grammar education with modern teaching techniques which can be adapted to each small groups individual needs.

Classes taught during the morning hours to allow you to enjoy all that la Curia and Galicia have to offer. You can take advantage of seasonal outdoor activities, cultural excursions, gastronomical tours, and so much more. La Curia will work with you to make the most of your learning and leisure experience.