la curia.

La Curia is a touristic, cultural and leasing estate which opened its doors in 2018. It is the fusion of the traditional Galician lifestyle with all the comforts of the 21st century. After serving as a family home has been refurbished to provide you with the most welcoming experience possible.

The estate provides nearly 3000 m2 of green space, including a private car park, paddle tennis court and swimming pool.

The ground floor of the main house provides an open living-dining room, modern kitchen and toilet. Upstairs you will find four bedrooms: one single, two doubles and a twin. There are also two fully equipped bathrooms with spacious showers.

The living-dining room is a spacious open multi-use space. It has four large windows which open onto the garden and pool and access to the kitchen through a side door. The space provides a projector and surround sound. It is perfect for relaxing with your family, a cocktail hour with your friends, corporate retreats, seated dinners for up to 30 people, and so much more.

The estate also provides a second modern studio style home 30 meters from the main house.

The upper level provides a living room, which converts into a double bedroom, open plan kitchen, dressing room and bathroom. The lower level has a fully equipped bath and a multi use space, which can be used as a games room during the day and converted into a disco at night. There is a second entrance on the lower level which can be accessed through a porch with a wood fire BBQ.

The entrance to the main house is through a Stone courtyard, with glass doors on the right. Through the doors you can access a wonderful wine cellar, which the owner’s grandfather used to make wine with the grapes once grown on vines on this land. The wine cellar has been completely restored, but still contains the original utensils, furniture and barrel, but most importantly it has an atmosphere where you can relax, in the now living-dining area, which includes a log fire and music equipment.

The Stone courtyard which provides access to the main entrance is dominated by a granite staircase which arrives to the first floor. Located in the courtyard there is a stone wood-fire oven and a toilet, which has been built into the once-time wood holder under the staircase. From the courtyard you can enter the kitchen and porch of the main building.

The Curia’s kitchen, which has been designed for industrial purposes, is also a very cosy and welcoming place. It is fully-equipped and contains an industrial dish-washer and the latest generation Rational self-cooking oven.

Last but not least, as a remarkable historic element, there is a granite horreo from the 19th Century. It used to be used for storage during the harvest season, and now been restructured into another versatile place, able to be used as a bedroom or a children’s game area.